By James H. Hafeman, MPA

Figure 1.1

  LEFTWING                           CENTRIST                          RIGHTWING


CORPORATISM                                                                         CAPITALISM

Modern Democrat and RINO Independent Modern Conservative Republican

It has been said and proven that the politically astute on the left are subscribers and advocates of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution—they’re generally focused on themselves and other members of their species that concretely identify with them, which effectively rendered the meaning and purpose of man irrelevant.  Individuals on the left believe they are descendants of monkeys and indoctrinate those they influence to judge others by race, color, creed in order to overtly demonize those believing in religion—any religion. 

Those on the right are more inclined to think beyond themselves and not only hold on to, but cherish the belief that God had created man.  The Christian-right embraces the notion that all humanity descended from a dark-skinned couple that had once occupied the Garden of Eden.  The right-wingers believe that all that was, is, and will be is exclusively owned by God and only given to man as useful gifts. 

Regardless whether your ancestors used to swing from trees by their tails or you were created by God in His own image, we have arrived here, at this very spot in world history, together, whether we like it or not. The most important worldly choice we can make is the type of government we wish to leave for the next generation.

A government consisting of intrusive, overbearing, arrogant government employees or a benevolent team of government employees dedicated to providing only necessary services to the citizens is an easy constrast to determine. Unfortunately, citizens are choosing governments that are irresponsible and unaccountable; a deadly combination against liberty (freedoms protected by constitutional rights).Republican vs Conservative


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